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08 Februari, 2018

Progress Report of Children Learning Community in December 2017

Dear friends,

For those who celebrate these joyful seasons, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018
Living words had come. The baby was born to save the world. 
Peace on earth and remains in the heart of every one.
May the joy of living in harmony be with us throughout 2018.

We are grateful to God and to our loyal friends who supported children learning community activities in Cakung and Sarang Tupai, Ciawi throughout December 2017. 

Mrs. Lanny, Mrs. Vera, Novi, Rachel, Mrs. Ruth, and big sister Debby taught Sarang Tupai’s children. Meanwhile big sister Ari, big sister Yana, big brother Amad, Mrs Mar’ah, and big sister Debby taught Cakung’s children.

At the end of the year, the mothers and young girls created festive theme products out of recycle coffee packs for their skill activities. The Ciawi’s community baked festive cookies for sale. They made chocolate chips cookies, cheese sticks, pineapple filled cookies, cheese filled cookies, sesame cookies, cornflakes, cheese sago cookies and fermented cassava cakes.

Right before Christmas, order poured from friends and donors. We thanked them for ordering fermented cassava cakes, cheese filled cookies pineapple filled cookies, chocolate chips cookies and sesame seed cookies.

In the second week of December 2017, facilitators attended a short skill practical course at Ragunan camping ground. They learned to make “tempe”, fermented soy bean; cosmetics powder; cheese and syrup. 

Facilitators valued this kind of practical training. Later on, they could share this skill set to the community on self-sufficient program.

Cakung’s and Sarang Tupai’s Children got their holiday starting of the second week of December 2017. The activity resumed at the first week of January 2018.

Facilitators called for curriculum review at the second and the third week of December 2017.

We heard that four children in Cakung community suffered from malnutrition. With big sister Tina, we visited them and learned about their needs. We also visited a mother who suffered abnormality cell growth inside her body.   

During visitation, big sister Tina has plan to prepare the nutritious food for the malnutrition children.  The four children range from age two to eight. 

We thank big sister Tina for her effort, time and food supplies for Cakung’s children.

We thanked facilitators, volunteers and surrounding community who relentlessly gave their time, efforts, finances and place for this learning program.

Throughout December, we also had several non-learning activities.  They all went well.

Cakung’s and Sarang Tupai’s children celebrated the memory of late big sister Sarah’s birthday on Friday, 1st Dec and Monday, 4th Dec 2017. 

The late big sister Sarah, one of our faithful donor, visited Cakung center with her parents in 2009.

Children gathered and prayed for the commemoration. In Cakung, big brother Amad and Yana leaded the children in pray. In Sarang Tupai, Mrs. Ruth and Neldi leaded the children.

We thanked the family of late big sister Sarah who provided us with food material. Cakung’s and Sarang Tupai’s mother cooked the meal. And with joy and gratitude, we enjoyed the meal together.  

After meal, we distributed snack, milk and school supplies to the children.

We prayed for the resting peace of big sister Sarah. We were grateful for the care and support of the family. 

We hope for further work together. May God grant the family with a good health and prosperous life. 

Sarang Tupai’s children were very excited celebrating Christmas. On Saturday, 9th of December 2017, approximately 130 children from three villages came celebrating Christmas with us. Program started in the morning at the terrace house of big sister Ivon’s home.

Children were playing games, dancing, watching movie and involving in a short discussion. Prices are given to the game winners and short quizzes winners. At the end of the day, everyone went home with gifts.

We were very happy to see the joy of the children that day.

Thank you to big brothers and sisters, the program committee of Abbalove Church at Fatmawati Street, South Jakarta. We hope for future program together. May God grant you healthy body and many blessings for further work for others. 

Mrs Tjandra also was kind enough to prepare Christmas lunch for Sarang Tupai’s children at 26th of December 2017. All active learners and Mrs. Tjandra enjoyed their lunch together that day.

Holil, one of the children, was the host for our lunch. Thirty people consisted of children and facilitators had a good time at Holil’s home that day.

Mrs. Tjandra prepared variety treats. After meal, children distributed oranges to other children. It reminded them of the joy sharing and caring to others. We also sang a few songs together.

Before going home, Mrs Tjandra said a few words to the children. We hope that the children would listen and apply those advices in their daily life. 

On Thursday, 28th of December 2017, big sister Tina and BKK sisterhood, the organization of catholic nuns committed to healthcare, celebrated Christmas by having lunch with Cakung’s children. The celebration was also to commemorate catholic day, the holy child on the 28th of December.    

We expected only thirty children attended the lunch at BKK sisterhood home. At the end, there were fifty three children and adults showed up.

Christmas with BKK sister hood was fun. Children and their parents had their picture taken with the nuns. After that, we all enjoyed our lunch together.

After lunch, children and parents enjoyed answering quizzes given. Prices were given to participants who can answer the questions correctly.  

Before going home, big sister Tina and the nuns distributed gifts.
We took pictures together.

We thank big sister Tina and the BKK sisterhood for their kindness and genuine attention to the children. The Lord blesses you.

Throughout December, there were several events in the community. We gave our outmost service and support to the community. We always remember them in our prayer.

On the 9th of December 2017, we celebrated Christmas with big sister Ivon and her family at her house. Her parent were also enjoyed the joy of Christmas with Sarang Tupai’s children.

A few days after that, on the night of December 14, 2017, big sister Ivon’s parent passed peacefully at her home.  

We were sudden to the passing. After all we recently just celebrated Christmas together at their home. Facilitators and some children comforted the family. They cared for the family all the way through the funeral service.

On Tuesday night at 26th of December 2017, we also lost one of the parents of big brother Budi after battling of illness for four years. Children and grandchildren were deeply sad. It was their last Christmas together.

We expressed deep sympathy to the family of big sister Ivon and also the family of big brother Budi. We pray for forgiveness and peaceful resting place.

Starting of Saturday, 15th of December 2017, some children started their Christmas break. After receiving report card, at the end of semester, they can enjoy their holiday.

Some Sarang Tupai, Ciawi’s children who went to school in the nearby town of Bogor, will receive their report card in the beginning of January 2018.

This month, we also paid for several scholarships’ recipients school fees. 

Besides providing monthly school activities and daily transportations, we also provided their school needs such as printing money and uniforms.

We thanked our dearest friend who dedicated their financial resources for this scholarship program. Your financial assistance will bring tremendous impact in these children’s future.

Cakung’s and Sarang Tupai’s children also enjoyed nutritious meal until the middle of December 2017.  They ate egg fried noodle seafood, cookies, mangoes fruits. Mrs. Danik prepared cakes. Mrs. Vera prepared manadonese porridge complete with variety of vegetables. Mrs. Lanny also baked the children fermented cassava cheese cake.

We expressed our gratitude to the facilitators and the community of Cakung and Sarang Tupai who prepared healthy dishes throughout December 2017.

Throughout December 2017, ‘Kartini’ basic food cooperative opened for their Cakung’s members.  The Cooperative had enough basic food stock from last November 2017’s purchase.

The purpose of doing the purchase in November 2017 was to get the basic food before holiday and year end 2017’s prices hike.

As the month before, cooperative coordinators did their duty such as collecting November 2017’s dues and other month’s dues from members, bookkeeping works, writing down members’ purchase list and inventories.

We thank Mrs. Martini and the PABT mothers for their loyal assistance on this program.

We ask for your prayer. We pray for this program to run well continuously and to bring benefit for the community.  

Entering the 2018 activity year, in this report, we enclose the Children Learning Community’s profile and the needs of children and community.

Your generous financial contributions and materials’ support for 2018’s activities are highly valuable. 

January 2018 Plan :

Based on review with facilitators,

1.                Learning Activity
a.   Sarang Tupai’s learning activity will be move from Monday to Wednesday. 
b.   Teenagers and mother’s skill activities will focus on recycle coffee packs, soap making and cosmetic powder making.

2.                Scholarship
a.   Provide school needs for all recipients.

3.                Basic Food Cooperative Effort
a.   In the second week of January 2018, we will hold the meeting to distribute members’ dividend.
b.   Purchase low stock food items.

4.                Starting of Monday, January 15th, 2018, the students of Kolese De Britto High School, Jogjakarta will have their 5 days live in program in Cakung. 

We are grateful to our friends for their support in prayers, finances, efforts and materials for this month.

We are deeply touched by many of our donors’ generosity who put others before themselves. We truly appreciate your trust in our effort.

We thank all loyal donors. Your financial support is valuable for the operational of this learning activity.

We also thank the material’s donors. We thank Big Sister for Tina her food donations especially to the malnutrition’s children. We also thank her for donation of clothing and ceramic dining sets. We also thank the family of late big sister Sarah for having us share the joy, delicious lunch and gifts in commemoration of the late big sister Sarah birthday. We also thank Mrs. Danik, Mrs. Vera and Mrs. Lanny for their yummy cakes. Sarang Tupai’s children and facilitators really enjoyed the cakes. We also thank the community of Ursulin Sisterhood Juanda for their continuous donations of recycle coffee packs. They are valuable for our handicraft skill program.  We thank the anonymous donor through PT Cahaya Permata Dunia Corporation for color pencil donations. We also thank Mrs. Tjandra and the BKK sisterhood for their delicious Christmas lunch.

Thank you very much to Jessica and Mr.David for doing good work in translating this report. 

Once again many thanks for your loyalty, faithfulness and kindness. 

May The Lord grant your health and wealth of blessings. We hope that our work together will continue. 

We are called to bring peace and welfare to the world.

God bless us.

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Warm regards,
On behalf of children learning community.


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